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Indigo Trigger Brings PMMI Media Group Live on Naviga Ad

Project Consolidated Three Disparate Systems; Included Naviga App for Salesforce

PORTSMOUTH, NH — WEDNESDAY MAY 19th, 2021 — Indigo Trigger is proud to announce that PMMI Media Group (PMG) is live on the Naviga Ad platform. As part of the project, the Indigo Trigger team worked with PMG to transition the company away from a three disparate systems supporting Order Management, production workflow and billing to a single platform using Naviga Ad. In addition to consolidation and modernization with Naviga, the Indigo Trigger team worked closely with PMG resources to implement the Naviga App for Salesforce, integrating PMG’s enterprise CRM with the Naviga Ad platform via a standard plug-in and custom development work leveraging the Naviga API.

“Working with PMG and Naviga, we were able to develop an advanced bi-directional integration between Naviga Ad and Salesforce which offered additional automation that wasn’t available within the standard Naviga Salesforce Plug-in,” said Christopher Prinos, CEO, Indigo Trigger. “Both Naviga and PMG resources worked hard to craft an integration that brought a seamless experience to the sales team and helped ensure that PMG’s Salesforce environment would remain the system of record for account, agency and contact information.”

The project, which started in the Fall of 2020, also included leveraging the Naviga API to exchange data between Naviga Ad and PMG’s in-house developed LeadWorks platform — a system designed by PMG to manage e-newsletter workflows, customer approvals, and campaign performance metrics.

ABOUT PMMI MEDIA GROUP PMMI Media Group is a market-leading B2B media company that produces information for packaging, processing and automation professionals, bringing together solution providers and end users and facilitating connectivity throughout the supply chain. Its world class media brands — Packaging World, Automation World, Healthcare Packaging, Contract Packaging, OEM and ProFood World— are proven leaders in covering this diverse and dynamic marketplace, and its digital products incorporate leading edge media technologies to deliver informed, actionable business intelligence to the industry. PMMI Media Group produces the Automation Conference & Expo, an annual education and networking forum, that takes place in Chicago each Spring.

PMMI Media Group is a division of PMMI The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, ( a trade association representing more than 800 companies that provide a full range of processing and packaging machinery, materials, components and containers. PMMI actively brings buyers and sellers together through initiatives such as, educational programs and world-class events. Learn more at

ABOUT NAVIGA Naviga is the leading provider of software and services powering media-rich industries. Naviga's Content Engagement Platform helps companies create, enrich, deliver and monetize content to manage engagements from end-to-end. Naviga solutions are easy to use, scalable and agile. Combining experience in media with a dedication to digital, Naviga has developed software solutions that help any content-driven business meet the demands of the future of information. With headquarters in Bloomington, MN and regional offices throughout the world, Naviga is a trusted partner serving over 3,200 news media, broadcast, magazine, financial services and corporate clients in 45 countries. For more information on Naviga, visit them online at


Indigo Trigger is a boutique consulting firm specializing in system integration, project management, platform implementation, roadmap development and strategic planning for media companies worldwide. Indigo Trigger works with media enterprises worldwide to help reduce costs, increase revenues and streamline operations through system consolidation and strategic integration. Indigo Trigger is based in Portsmouth, NH and can be found online at

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