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After working for others for 20+ years, I decided to try my luck and start my own business in the Summer of 2018. Such an exciting and risky venture came with a lot of challenges. Perhaps most pressing was coming up with a name. A lifelong fan of music of all kinds, I looked for inspiration from a host of sources. Over the past year I had become a huge fan of the Vermont-based Rock band “Twiddle”. I immediately fell in love with their music, positive message, and —  more importantly — their community. I feel as though the Twiddle community, an army of “frends”, exemplifies the values I want my company to adhere to. 

Hard work. 






and…most importantly, working together. 

Indigo Trigger was named after one of my favorite Twiddle songs. While the lyrics can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, a few lines are quite clear…


A land that's been divided 

Should share each other's knowledge

A common thread that binds us 

Together well succeed


I hope you’ll take a minute to discover the band that — in many ways — drives the spirit behind what we do for our customers every day. 

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