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Indigo Trigger Selected by WATT Global Media for Lead-to-Cash Transformation

Iconic Brand for Agrifood and Petfood Industries will Re-Platform CRM, Order Management, Production and Finance Operations.

PORTSMOUTH, NH — FRIDAY JUNE 11th, 2021 — Indigo Trigger is proud to announce that WATT Global Media has selected the Indigo Trigger team to implement a new Lead-to-Cash platform to transform sales, production and finance operations. As part of the project, the Indigo Trigger team will work with WATT to implement the Naviga Ad platform -- a system that will provide a modern, purpose-built solution for a company with a diverse portfolio of digital, event, data and print products.

“Indigo Trigger brings the necessary expertise to complex media system implementations that we don't have in house," said Andrew Smith, Director of Innovation and Technology for WATT Global Media. Smith continued, "It's been refreshing to work with a team that understands the technology AND understands a B2B media company's business needs.”

"We worked with the WATT over the course of a few months to complete a comprehensive operational assessment of their Lead-to-Cash eco-system," said Christopher Prinos, CEO, for Indigo Trigger. "Specific needs around inventory management, production and workflow automation, and improved dashboards for sales and operations made Naviga Ad an ideal choice to quickly solve a host of different challenges that currently impact revenue growth and operational efficiency."

The project, which started June 1st, is scheduled to go-live December 1st, 2021.

ABOUT WATT GLOBAL MEDIA Over the decades, WATT Global Media has launched, acquired and recast its media and information services to serve an ever-changing audience in the U.S. and around the world. Today, the company remains family-owned spanning four generations with corporate headquarters in Rockford, Illinois USA. WATT Global Media’s fully integrated portfolio of print and digital products delivers information and solutions to business decision-makers in over 150 countries. WATT Global Media is committed to providing the most comprehensive, sought-after information to executives and decision-makers in the global poultry, animal feed and pet food industries.

In 2017, WATT Global Media celebrated a century of serving the agrifood industry. Learn more about the company’s first 100 years and where we’re headed into the future. WATT Global Media is based in Rockford, IL and can be found online at


Indigo Trigger is a boutique consulting firm specializing in system integration, project management, platform implementation, roadmap development and strategic planning for media companies worldwide. Indigo Trigger works with media enterprises worldwide to help reduce costs, increase revenues and streamline operations through system consolidation and strategic integration. Indigo Trigger is based in Portsmouth, NH and can be found online at

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