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Indigo Trigger to Host Mega Conference Roundtable on Sales & Ad Ops Efficiency

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Streamlining Sales & Ad Ops: Doing More with Less

10:45 AM - Wednesday, February 27th 2019

With Christopher Prinos, CEO, INDIGO TRIGGER & JT Lloyd, Product Owner - Commerce Solutions, Gannett

Publishers face several market challenges, including changing consumer behavior, variance in product mix and diversity of markets. Ad product development and fulfillment strategies must become as real-time and digital as the product itself. Intuitive technology can enable this digital transformation of publishing workflows and processes. If the products and the consumers have changed, why shouldn't the process of building, distributing and delivering these products go through its own disruption?

In this session we'll discuss disruptive technologies and approaches that can immediately transform ad operations for media companies both large and small. We'll talk about:

The main ad ops challenges that publishers face in the cross-media advertising sales environment.

  • Appropriate solutions that are available to streamline ad operations.

  • Lessons on integrating systems like Salesforce, Order Management and Google Ad Manager.

  • Approaches to measure ad operations efficiency, cost and profitability.

  • Trends in structuring teams across sales, ad ops and fulfillment to do more with less.

  • Themes in "Ad Process Optimization."

  • Implementing effective outsourcing strategies.


Christopher Prinos, CEO - INDIGO TRIGGER

JT Lloyd, Product Owner, Commerce Solutions - Gannett

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